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Dear Russian friends,
please protect and advocate for your skaters, they are the treasure of our beautiful sport. If you know English, please go to the forums, register, leave comments, show your support - there are still many places and people who are ridiculing your fantastic athletes:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xv2XclqiA8 :(

Yes, I agree. I adore Julia, but have to admit Nastya at her age has more maturity and better jumps, still Julia’s spins were much better.
I think, considering on-ice pace, quickness and style of skating, Liza Nugumanova is more similar to Julia than Nastya.
By the way, I love both of them, I’m comparing them just for fun. :)


Реклама 18+
Реклама 18+
Реклама 18+
Реклама 18+