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Vladislav Tretyak: Russian team won’t have a foreign coach as long as I am the president of FHR

Head of the Russian Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretyak has stated he doesn’t see any real candidates for the head coach position at the Russian national team able to replace Vyacheslav Bykov.

«Of course, now there will be a lot of advice, criticism, and analysis. But to me it is very important that players love their country. So they would come to join the national team at the first summons. Everybody makes mistakes. But if we execute people for every mistake. we will have no future.»

«Where shall we take coaches? If it’s not Bykov, who should it be?! Tell me! In the KHL we appoint Finns and Swedes to be in charge of our teams. I was even offered to appoint a foreigner in the national team – before Bykov. But in hockey there will not be a foreign coach in the Russian national team. At least as long as I am the president of the Russian Hockey Federation», stated Tretyak to Sovetsky Sport.

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