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Slovak clubs Poprad and Slovan admitted into the NHL

Slovakian hockey league outfits Poprad and Slovan Bratislava have been admitted into the Kontinental Hockey League and will take part in the season 2012/13 matches.

The club from the Slovakian city of Poprad will become the town’s sole representative in the league after Lev Poprad’s new owners decided to move the club to Prague.

«We have everything necessary to play in the KHL – the infrastructure, the big arena, all we need is €10 million,» the Poprad mayor said, quoted in SME.

Meanwhile, the Slovan GM Maros Krajci insisted his club will attempt to make the play-offs in its first KHL season.

«Four million was enough to play in the Slovak league, in the KHL the official requirement is 10 million, but €12 million would be better. That would be sufficient to see us off into the play-offs,» Krajci stated in an interview to Izvestia.

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