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Agent: Radulov has a pre-signed agreement with Ufa for the next season

Alexander Radulov’s agent Yury Nikolaev confirmed that his client is returning to the NHL at least until the summer, but left the door open for a possible return to current club Salavat Yulaev.

«We have sorted out the issues within the boundaries of KHL convention. You can say that his remaining contract was bought off the Ufa club, who was not prepared to break the deal by mutual agreement,» the agent admitted.

«Radulov will not be receiving his KHL salary after asking for a move, but Salavat keeps the rights for the player up until the end of season 2012/13. He used the chance to complete his contract with the Nashville Predators and ended his deal with Ufa in accordance with the Russian regulations. It is not a capitulation, but a civilised parting of ways that he paid for out of his own pocket. If he wanted to run away, he would have done before the end of the Gagarin Cup campaign.»

«What would happen after the end of the NHL season?»

«We already have a prearranged contract with Ufa, which has a clause that allows him to spend the season in America. After July 1 he will become a free agent, and then he will have time to consider the offers and make his choice. If there is a lockout, he will gladly go back to Ufa, or perhaps he will start the new season with them regardless. We’ll see,» Nikolaev explained, speaking to Sovetsky sport.

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