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Philadelphia Flyers general manager: Bryzgalov has to get better

Philadelphia Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren has assessed Ilya Bryzgalov’s performances.

«He has to get better, for sure. He obviously has to play better. Ilya knows the same thing.

«I’m not worried about Bryzgalov, but I want him to get more quality practice time in with goalie coach Jeff Reese. In the stretch that we have had, we haven’t had good practice time. A lot of time he spends with Jeff working on things and hasn’t had that time because he is the one playing.

«Like Sergei [Bobrovsky] gets a chance to work on things more with Jeff because he’s not playing. Today, and I think Sergei is playing tomorrow, this gives Jeff an opportunity to work with [Bryzgalov] on some things,» Holmgren said to CSN Philly.

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