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CSKA honorable president objects to Bykov’s return and wants Russians back from NHL

CSKA honorable president and three-time Olympic gold medal winning coach Viktor Tikhonov has admitted he doesn’t want Vyacheslav Bykov to return to coaching CSKA.

«Sure, CSKA supporters won’t put up with a man who had sworn to bring success but in the end was lured by another club. However, it’s up to the board to decide. As for me, I emphatically object to Bykov’s return. Once a traitor, always a traitor.»

«New CSKA owners told me they would bring former CSKA Russian players back from America. I strongly agreed that we should keep CSKA’s current players and bring back the club academy graduates. I’m afraid, the guys will not make it in NHL. The problem is that in America they aren’t taught to play. Russian youngsters should play for three or four years more at home.»

«When I was in charge of the USSR national team I told the youngsters to stay after the training sessions and practice for 40 minutes more. Every day! That’s how we used to bring up new stars every year,» said Tikhonov as quoted by Sport-Express.

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