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Sergei Bobrovski: I was shocked to realize I was doing good in the NHL

Philadelphia Flyers goalkeeper Sergei Bobrovski summed up his first season in the NHL.

«The first season was quite difficult. It’s impossible to highlight any particular part of it. Some moments were difficult both during the preseason training and during the regular season. I am glad that local fans got to like me. As for my game, at first I was shocked to realize that I was doing good in the NHL.

«Next year I’ll be already aware what it means to play in the NHL for seven months and 82 games, after which the playoffs begin. It’s very difficult.

«I’m living today, so all my thoughts are only about the Flyers. I would love to play in the NHL, fight for a place in the line-up and help the team. And, finally, to prove that my last season high level was not accidental,» said Bobrovski as quoted by Sportbox.ru.

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