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Luciano Spalletti: Whatever the results, I will be in charge of Zenit to end of season

After the unexpected defeat (1:2) at the hands of Tom Tomsk during the Russian Premier League Matchday 10, Zenit St. Petersburg head coach Luciano Spalletti has spoken about the team’s motivation problems and has dismissed the possibility of getting sacked by the club.

«We all have the impression that we`re in a psychological rut right now. We can’t make the right moves, we can’t fulfill our profession on the field. And when you can’t take advantage of your three great scoring opportunities on the field, and your opponent scores on their only opportunities, then the whole situation seems horrible, and there’s a lot more negative energy,» Spalletti stated according to Zenit official website.

«Are the problems with the team`s attitude just a problem of Russian footballers?»

«No, I can`t say that the problem is worse with somebody in particular. It`s not easy for the coach in these situations. Furthermore, I always said, and I continue to say, that Russian footballers have a lot of important skills, and obviously the coach needs to have certain instruments to manage these players. Right now certain elements of our team are showing a rather superficial approach.

«This situation is made even worse due to the fact that our team has a lot of injured players now, so I can’t give certain players the chance to rest. I tried to make the team as small as possible this year so that all players had the chance to play. But it turned out that this situation worked against me. If I had all my players available today, I could have done a lot more with the team.»

«Dick Advocaat lost his job the last time Zenit lost to Tomsk.»

«I can say that the coach’s job has a lot of difficulties. Only those who have tried this job can know what it’s like. Our club has to pay a lot of attention to the way I do my job now, and see what`s happening in the team, for the good of all the fans in St. Petersburg. There’s one thing for sure. Whatever the results, I’m going to be the coach to the end of the season.»

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