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Sandor Varga: Fenerbahce’s offer for Arshavin may well exist

Football agent Sandor Varga, whose list of well-know clients included Andriy Shevchenko and Sergey Rebrov, has commented on the information about the allegedly possible transfer of Andrey Arshavin from Arsenal to Fenerbahce.

«I can well concede that such an offer really exists. Fenerbahce spend money lavishly and have been pursuing the strategy of buying star players for quite a long time already. However, I would not advise Andrey to go to Istanbul. Some time ago I participated in Sergey Rebrov’s transfer from Tottenham to Fenerbahce. There are a lot of positive sides in Turkey, but the negative ones are also aplenty.»

«The country is very peculiar and the people there are not easy to deal with. When they need something, they will be all over themelves, but when you ask for something, there can occur problems. For example, Sergey and I have been trying to get the earned money for six months after he left the club. Moreover, the Turkish football league is by far not as good as the Russian one,» stated Varga as quoted by Izvestia.

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