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Head of Samara police: Spartak fans started the fight

Head of Samara Region Police Department Yury Sterlikov has commented on the incidents during Russian Premier League matchday 9 game between Krylia Sovetov and Spartak Moscow (0:1).

«The big fight was caused by a brawl, which had arised between Spartak fans in the guests’ sector. Perhaps, they had some kind of a quarrel, which later turned into a fight. At this moment other Spartak fans were still arriving to the stadium. Having seen that there is a fight, they ran to the stand where Samara fans were sitting. Most probably, the fans did not understand that the fight has begun in their own sector.»

«I think the riot police squads acted skilfully and reasonably. The inspector of the match has the same opinion. Thanks to the riot police actions we managed to avoid mass fight. I’d like to mention that that during the match Spartak fans used 72 pyrotechnic devices, including four flare pistols.»

«At the moment when the game has already begun, the tickets to the game were still on sale. А crowd of Spartak fans has shaped up at the entrance to the stadium. In order to organize their passage to the stands police forces were called. However, they didn’t arrive in time to help people and a fight has begun. Moreover, during there game there was a promotional event of some soft drinks. People were given plastic bottles with caps, while under the sports events regulations plastic bottles should be without caps. During the fight spectators began throwing these bottles, thereby only stirring up the brawl,» stated Sterlikov as quoted by Komsomolskaya Pravda Samara.

After the fight 26 local fans have applied for healthcare assistance, 13 persons were taken to Semashko hospital with head and nose injuries. All of them refused hospitalization.

Police have arrested 121 persons, including four minors, all of them fans of Spartak. 118 persons have been charged with administrative offences.

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