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Dick Advocaat: Head coach cannot have friends or foes among his players

Head coach of the Russian national team Dick Advocaat has commented on Roman Pavluchenko’s statements alleging the Dutchman has favorite players in the team.

«When a footballer does not play, it means he is disfavored by the coach. That’s what most players that fail to make it into the starting eleven sincerely believe. But the trainer cannot have friends or foes among his players. He always does what he considers best for the team and for the goals that have been set. It always has been this way and always will be.»

«Pavlyuchenko is not in the national team’s starting squad not because I disfavor him, but because there are others reasons of purely footballing nature. Ask Harry Redknapp the same question and I’m sure he will give you the same answer,» stated Advocaat according to Sovetsky Sport.

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