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Krylia Sovetov – Spartak game marred by fans’ clashes, police used tear gas

Today’s Russian Premier League game between Krylia Sovetov and Spartak Moscow (0:1) was marred by supporters’ clashes and disorders in the stands of Metallurg Stadium in Samara.

The fighting initiated by Spartak Moscow fans occurred during the first half. At first the supporters of ‘the red and whites’ attacked the local fans, after which the police entered the stands becoming one of the participant parties. The referee of the match Sergey Layushkin had to stop the game in the 41th minute, resuming it after several minutes.

However, according to Sergey Goldshtein, head of press service of the Samara Region police department, the clashes began within Spartak’s stand. «At first Spartak fans started to fight between themselves, then they continued to fight with the riot squads that were guarding the pitch. Several individuals managed to break through the guarding lines and run to the east stand where the fans of Krylia Sovetov were sitting. Spartak’s supporters were tearing the stadium chairs out. Many participants of the scuffle were traumatized, some of them have head injuries, others have facial ones. The riot police officers managed to put an end to the fighting by using tear gas,» stated Goldshtein according to RIA Novosti.

Some 1,500 chairs have been torn out at the stadium during the brawl. Around 20 persons have applied for medical assistance at local hospitals.


See also the photo gallery of the game (in Russian).

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