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Pavel Pogrebnyak: Only Messi and Ronaldo can keep scoring regularly

Fulham striker Pavel Pogrebnyak spoke about his scoring streak, which has dried up over the last couple of matches for the Cottagers.

«Fulham couldn’t win since you stopped scoring. You scored 5 in three games, but then you stopped. What happened?»

«Only Messi and Ronaldo could score goals at that rate through the season. It is disappointing that we couldn’t pick up points in the last two matches, especially against Villa. It should have been a draw, but we conceded on the last minute. We deserved to lose against Swansea, there is a lot of praise for the Welsh team around here. I almost felt like we were playing Barcelona – great in possession, accurate passing – we got tired running without the ball!» said the former Stuttgart man.

«We play to win every game, but in England it is impossible. Every team has some quality players in the squad. But we don’t keep quiet in the dressing room after the game, we discuss our mistakes and try to fix them,» the Russian international added, speaking to Sovetsky sport.

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