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Harry Redknapp to let Pavlyuchenko go in January

Tottenham Hotspur head coach Harry Redknapp spoke about the future of the team’s Russian forward Roman Pavlyuchenko and how his chances changed after the Europa League match against Rubin Kazan (1:0), where he scored the winning goal.

«Hard to keep Pav out on Sunday after that strike?»

«(laughs) erm.. not really... (more laughter). Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, not really. I have good competition up front. Defoe scored a good goal last week, Adebayor has been in good form so... it’s what they are here to do. They take their chance when they play like the goalkeeper did tonight. When they come in they have to do their job.»

«Hard to keep Pav happy when he doesn’t play so often?»

«He is never happy really. I don’t think I can really keep him happy. It is difficult. He is a good lad. He gets on with it and if he works hard and puts it all in away from home and home every game he will be a top player, there is no doubt about that. When he is on his game he is fantastic player. He has great ability, great power in his shooting, you know.»

«He’s not playing much, though…»

«Well if he... I can only pick the people I think deserve to play at the end of the day. If I get it right I am clever, if I get it wrong I’ll take the blame, but Adebayor has been excellent leading the line. The biggest problem I have had is whether I’ve played Defoe or Van der Vaart with him. Van der Vaart has scored in the last three games, defoe scored on Sunday. It’s not easy. Pav scored tonight. That’s good.»

«Spoke to Pav about future?»

«Not really, no. He has to just come in and work hard every day. He is here. I won’t go and speak to him about his future. It’s up to him what he does in January. If he felt he wanted to move in January then.. but I like him. I like him as a boy. He is a good lad. He is a fantastic person, not a problem. He can play. He is a good player when he wants to play. Technically he is top class,» Redknapp said as quoted by The Times.

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