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Danko Lazovic stun gunned by riot policeman after Volga – Zenit game

Immediately upon the termination of the Russian Premier League Matchday 14 game against Volga Nizhny Novgorod, Zenit St. Petersburg forward Danko Lazovic ran towards the stands aiming to throw his shirt to the fans, but was stun gunned with an electric shock baton by a riot policeman standing in the security cordon in front of the stands. This information was reported by Sports.ru correspondent.

The game was marred by clashes between the local riot police and Zenit supporters, many of whom were arrested but later released, according to Fontanka.ru.

«I was just going to present my shirt to the fans after the game, when a policeman appeared behind me and struck me in the back with an electric shocker. I don’t know why it happened – probably, he thought I was one of the fans. Sometimes it happens that people do terrible things,» stated the Serbian forward in an interview to Zenit official site.

«It was a weird feeling. I’m surprised such things can happen at sports competitions at all, but it seems that here, in Russia, everything is possible.»

The St. Petersburg club have already issued an official statement condemning the «utterly rude actions» and «unmotivated brutality» of the Nizhny Novgorod police and threatened filing a claim to public prosecution bodies.

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