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Kostya Tszyu: Klitschko brothers are unlikely to appear in the Hall of Fame soon

The former absolute world champion Kostya Tszyu, who had become the first boxer of the former USSR inducted to the International Boxing Hall of Fame, said he believes no one of his former or present compatriots will be awarded with that in the nearest future.

«Was the bout with Judah the brightest event of your career?»

«Yes, I think so. Or maybe even the most significant. All in all, I managed to unite the titles for the first time in forty years. That fight turned out to be very entertaining. In many respects it was Judah who made it this way. But for me personally there were also other bright events. For example, the bout with Gonzalez was one-hundred percent successful for me. From the beginning to the end, by all parameters. Well, so I ended up to become the first boxer from the post-Soviet countries in the Hall of Fame.»

«Will you be the only one there for a long time?»

«There is no one from Russians able to make it now. But from the former USSR... Klitschko brothers are unlikely to appear there soon. Vic Darchinyan from Armenia? Maybe, but it will be difficult. The Hall of Fame is an indicator of global love, while Vic is loved in one places and hated is the others,» stated Tszyu to Sport-Express.

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