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BEKO PBL. In quaterfinals Khimki will play Spartak, CSKA Moscow vs. Krasnye Krylya Samara – see all pairs

After the final Matchday 27 of the Russian regular championship BEKO PBL the quaterfinal pairs for play-offs have been defined, according to the league’s official website.

Thus, UNICS Kazan will play BC Nizhny Novgorod, CSKA Moscow vs. Krasnye Krylya Samara, Lokomotiv-Kuban Krasnodar vs. Yenisey Krasnoyarsk, BC Khimki with Spartak St. Petersburg.

The series will be best-of-two games. The matches will take place on May 23, May 26 and, if required, on May 28.

Реклама 18+