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J.R. Holden: Most likely, it was my last game for CSKA

CSKA point guard John Robert Holden, who scored 25 points in 4th game of the final series winning the title yesterday night, revealed that he may well leave the Russian club.

«I still don’t know for certain, but most likely it was my last game for CSKA. The directors want to return to the Euroleague Final Four and they need young guys to accomplish that. The time has come to make way for the youth.

«Of course, if I’m made an offer, I will consider it, but for now I think of this match as the last one. During all these years the club became for my second family.

«As for the Russian national team, I still can’t tell anything. I’ve promised Blatt to think it over. I will take a week for for reflection and then give the definitive answer,» stated Holden in an interview with Sports.ru.

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