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Dmitry Bulykin: Dutch football is a national project

Ajax Russian striker Dmitry Bulykin discussed Russian FA boss Sergey Fursenko comments that the Dutch league is not particularly strong.

«It is strange to hear comments like that from the chief of Russian football – for the last six years the Russian national team has been lead by a Dutch manager. I don’t know what scale of judgement he used, perhaps he meant money – then the RPL certainly has an advantage. But you can’t call that sensible management, if they just pump in the oligarchs’ money into the league, without really getting any results. Another aspect is the playing conditions, when only about five thousand people turn up to watch the game. In Holland games are played on a perfect surface and around 500 thousands fans show up to Ajax matches,» said the former Russian international.

«Holland is home to a legions of talented young players – they brought up Ibrahimovic, Suarez, and many other brilliant players. And who left Russia for Europe recently? Football is a national project in the Netherlands, not just on paper, but in reality. Russia doesn’t have that at the moment,» he added, speaking to Russian newspaper Argumenty i Fakty.

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