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Leonid Fedun: It would be difficult to win the league with Spartak’s current budget

Spartak Moscow owner Leonid Fedun commented on the reports that Petr Aven, a Russian businessman, is willing to take over the Moscow club.

«The main problem is that new contenders to take over the club should be prepared to invest substantial funds into the club, like I do. At the moment we are willing to negotiate on following terms: your money, our ideas. The issue is that we currently have the fifths biggest budget in the league and we are spending a lot of it on the construction of the new stadium,» Fedun explained.

«Most investors that have contacted us so far, including Aven, said they are not willing to spend the money that I have over the past few years. So in reality it’s just publicity with no substance behind it. Please, if you want to pump 500 million into the club, we can easily win the league. But with the current budget it is hardly a possibility,» the Red-Whites’ chief told R-Sport.

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